Basic App

An open source simple CMS based on CodeIgniter 4

Basic App

Basic App is a free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the CodeIgniter 4 PHP Framework.

Basic App is designed to provide a quick start for sites made on CodeIgniter 4 and to take over the implementation of the basic functions of a modern web application. The system has a modular architecture that allows to expand it with new functions and to replace the basic components. Base modules use inheritance for their classes that allows to manage their functionality without interfering with the source code. Modules support events to provide flexible interaction between modules.

The basic part of the system is a micro-core, which does not depend on external libraries. Classes from the Basic App Core package can be used in any CodeIgniter 4 application. The basic assembly of the system includes modules for the administrator section, managing administrators and their roles, managing translations of interface elements into your native language, managing text pages, text blocks, and navigation menus.

All layout in the system is in special modules - themes. The theme is a set of simple PHPTheme widgets that receive a set of parameters at the input and return a ready HTML code at the output. This allows you to completely separate the work on the functionality of the design settings and quickly change one design to another.

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