The first release of the Basic App is available for download

We are pleased to inform you about the release of the public version of the Basic App. The first version of the system implements the management of text pages and a simple blog. In the Basic App, the [Cool Admin] theme is integrated into site backend, and the public part is done with the [Clean Blog] theme. Themes in the system are placed in external Composer packages, you can easily change the design of the entire site without interfering with the system code. The system is made extensible, the classes in the system modules use the object-oriented programming inheritance, you can easily extend them with new functions.

The Basic App aims to be a reliable foundation for your CodeIgniter 4 based site. The system implements management of administrators, management of access roles to different backend area sections, storing of configs in database and management of them from backend. The Basic App has management of the templates of e-mail messages sent from the site, management of SMTP server settings from the backend, management of the site menus. The PHPMailer package is integrated to send messages from site.

Basic App GUI is multilingual, you can manage translations of the backend area interface through the web interface in the backend.

Client scripts are managed through Bower, the basic version is configured to edit the text of the pages through the visual editor [TinyMCE], the editing of site layout blocks is done with code highlighting through [CodeMirror], the text of blog posts is edited using Markdown markup. You can change these editors to any others you are used to using.

[Installation instruction] [Documentation]

The system is distributed under the MIT licence, you can freely use it to create your own websites, including selling them to third parties, while maintaining the copyrights of the Basic App in the backend and in the code of the modules of system.

Basic App Dev Team offers services for creating websites on the Basic App, integrating ready-made themes, and developing additional modules for the Basic App. Email us at if you have questions or suggestions for us.

We are waiting for a backlash from you, your advice will help us to make the system better together. Write your ideas on the official CodeIgniter forum in [the Basic App thread], we are open for discussion.