Labels of CodeIgniter 4 model attributes in Basic App

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If you want to automate working with attribute labels in CodeIgniter 4 models, then you can use the ready-made functions from the Basic App. In any models that inherits from BasicApp\Core\Model, you can define the protected attribute $labels. The value of this attribute is an array, which lists of the labels. In the Basic App there is no rule that the attribute is a existing field in the database. This can be any message associated with a model.

class MyModel extends \BasicApp\Core\Model
    protected $labels = [
        'field_1' => 'Field 1 Name',
        'field_2' => 'Field 2 Name',
        'any_name' => 'Name',
        'hello_message' => 'Hello message text here.'

Anywhere in the application, you can get the value of this attribute with the static label() function by passing the identifier of the attribute for which you want to get a name to it with a parameter.

public static function label(string $field, $default = null) : string;

You can get the attributes as a list with the getLabels() function which returns an array of attribute labels.

public static function getLabels() : array;

Always get the names of the attributes of the model through these functions, and not directly from the variable. Firstly, it will allow you to override the getting of attributes in the descendant classes, and secondly, in the Basic App there are functions for translating model attributes that work through these functions.

Getting the label of the model attribute:

echo MyModel::label('field_1');

Entity class

CodeIgniter 4 models are divided into models and entities. Entity can be a simple array. To maintain array support for entities, all functions for working with attribute labels are implemented in the model class, but for ease of use, in the BasicApp\Core\Entity class there are getters, using which you can get the labels of the model attributes from the entity.

function getLabels() : array;

function label(string $field, $default = null) : string

These functions do not have their own implementation in the entity class, they call similar functions from the model. If you want to override or supplement the list of names of attributes, then this should be done in the model class. Pay attention that in the model these functions are static, and in the entity are not static.

Getting the label of the model attribute from entity:

echo $entity->label('field_1');