Translation of CodeIgniter 4 models attribute labels

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To translating a model attribute labels in backend, define the $translations variable in your model. The value of the variable is the name of the category in which the translations will appear in the backend of your website on CodeIgniter 4.

Example of translation of CodeIgniter 4 model attributes:

class MyModel extends \BasicApp\Core\Model
    protected $translations = 'my-model';

    protected $labels = [
        'field_1' => 'Field 1 Name',
        'field_2' => 'Field 2 Name',
        'any_name' => 'Name',
        'hello_message' => 'Hello message text here.'

In addition to the attributes defined in $labels, you can dynamically get translations for any strings associated with your Basic App model through the t() function, which is defined in the BasicApp\Core\Model class.

public function t(string $str, array $params = []) string

Example of getting the translation from model:

echo MyModel::t('Any String Text {param}.', ['{param}' => 'Value']); 

As a result of this example, the text will be "Any String Text Value", translated in the backend to the current application language. The text for translation will appear in the category "my-model", because it was defined in the $translations property in the model class.

Pay attention, the Basic App does not perform automated translation. Texts that you localize through the t() function and MyModel::t() fall into the backend section with translations, where the site administrator can translate them independently.

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